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We see a lot of recoveries, especially when the patient is in a coma or borderline states, there is a cure for many diseases, and positive results are observed for a number of diseases, but we cannot guarantee one hundred percent recovery.

This is influenced by various subjective factors associated primarily with the photographs you provide.

Changes and the impact on the body, our sound matrices, are also subjective. Sometimes the patient gets good results after the first listening to the sound matrix, but sometimes it takes several months to recover. It depends on your diagnosis, how long the disease develops in the body and concomitant diseases, the individual sensitivity of your body to the sound of the matrices and the implementation of all our recommendations are also important.

An important role is played by your body's ability to regenerate and recover, your confidence in recovery and a positive mood aimed at success.

Please note that donations will not be returned when you order a particular program!

TERMS OF COOPERATION                                                                                                                                                                                                             I draw your attention to the fact that donations received from you programs make the main contribution to our scientific research and development of technologies for returning health and inhibiting aging.

DONATION AMOUNT                                                                                                                                                                                                                     The first option: the creation of an individual sound matrix, taken from a photograph, for getting out of a coma, stopping aging and solving other problems, the donation amount will be $ 1000.


Second option: universal programs:

Program number 1 - Correction of the immune system

Program № 2.1 - Correction of the skeletal system

Program № 2.2 - Correction of the cardiovascular system

Program № 2.3 - Correction of disorders of the nervous system

Program № 3 - Cancer Control Program

Program № 4 - Correction of general metabolism and work of the digestive system

Program № 5 - Inhibition of aging

Program № 6 - Male line

Program № 7 - Women's line

Program № 8 - Vision Support

Program № 9 - Rehabilitation of the body after 40-50 years

Program № 10: Antiparasitic program


The donation amount is $ 500

The institute has quotas for the disabled and the poor; payment by installments is possible as results are received or a discount.

Discounts are considered individually.

If you order 2 universal sound matrices at the same time, a discount is provided for the second one.



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