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Healing sounds:

Play program in WAV or MP3 format.

The healing sounds are similar to radio interference.

This is due to the technology of transmitting sound information using the radio wave range.

Each program has its own purpose and its own task, which are designed to restore your health.



Listening to each program in its entirety can be difficult, so you can split entire audio files and listen to them separately.

The volume of the sound does not really matter, it should be heard comfortably.

It is desirable to listen to the sound matrix in the WAV format, this format has a higher sound quality and has a stronger effect on the body. Listening in MP3 format is also possible.

We recommend listening to the program in the morning and evening.

If the patient is in a Coma, then the program can be listened to 24 hours a day in a circle to play all sound files. We usually recommend listening to the program for seven days, then you need to take a break for two or three days, and then continue listening further.

Headphones can be used.

It is advisable - before listening to the program, tune in to a good mood, completely relax, try to stop extraneous thoughts in your head, try to focus on your own feelings or do not think about anything. You can listen to programs while doing your daily activities, but then the efficiency is slightly less.

While listening to the program, place a glass of water next to the sound source. After you finish listening to the sound matrix, you need to drink water until the next listening. Repeat this procedure each time. Within 24 hours, you must drink at least 1.5 liters of clean water.

You should remember that during the first days of listening, you may feel worse. This is due to the fact that your body is rebuilding. This is normal, your body begins to move to a new healthy state. These sensations will subside in a few days. In the event of prolonged and severe exacerbations, you need to stop listening to the matrix for several days, then resume listening.

If negative symptoms persist, perhaps the photo is unsuccessfully selected, you need to inform us about it by e-mail: iiqg.asia@gmail.com.

Sound matrices for parents of grandparents can be recorded from photographs of children or immediate living relatives, the closer the relationship, the more efficiently the matrix works, the matrix for the grandmother, we take the photo of the grandson, the matrix for the grandfather, we take the photo of the son.

For the child himself, his own program can be used if he is seriously ill or when he grows up.

You cannot listen to all 10 universal programs in a row. You need to choose one and work with it. If you want to use more than one program, or even all 10, then you need to take breaks between them in two or three days!

When you purchase individual matrices, you are given individual recommendations for listening to them.



The following is essential:

There is a "Favorable Corridor" for those using our programs.

If you get into it, then the positive impact of the programs is realized with a high probability. If not, you should not expect the result, or it is weak.


What does it mean to be in the "Auspicious Corridor"?

It means:

In the photo, the child should be healthy (and happy) and depicted alone (no one should hold or stand next to him). The photo cannot be edited!

The photo should be taken at the right time and place (the influence of space and geophysical conditions at the time of the photo shooting).

It is not yet possible to control this state, so we are working on the first point, you can change the photo (if the positive effect from the program is not observed after 8-12 months of working with it). In this case, payment is not required, send another photo with a note that the production of the matrix is ​​“repeated”.

Another frequent and important question:

We are often asked, for example - “I've been listening to the matrix for ten days, but there is no effect”.

We answer: “Our method is not a magic wand from children's fairy tales. This is a long-term work with Faith and a Positive attitude. Lying on the couch, nothing will work. "

Yes, there are quick positive effects when the patient is in a Coma or in extreme borderline states between life and death.

The rejuvenation process launched by us cannot be faster than the aging process.

Although this phenomenon is non-linear and there are exceptions.



Due to the high load at the moment, it is not always possible to answer your phone call. For a guaranteed response, we kindly ask you to write to e-mail: iiqg@gmail.ru

We will definitely answer you, if possible, as soon as possible.


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